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About 30,000 people attended at the previous event

 Along with the evolution of technology in information and communication fields such as AI, IoT, data analysis, voice technology, etc., the pharmaceutical industry has advanced the utilization of new technologies in various divisions such as research, development, sales, marketing.
 Pharma IT & Digital Expo 2025 will provide valuable information gathering and opportunities for gathering cutting-edge technologies of technology vendors, venture, start-up companies, to promote the revitalization of the pharmaceutical industry.

*Expected number of visitors includes co-located event.

Large Pharmaceutical Digital event

Held concurrently with the International Pharmaceutical Development Expo, which attracts approximately 20,000 pharmaceutical industry professionals every year. The event attracts the attention of industry professionals as it brings together cutting-edge solutions and technologies.

Featured Themes

In addition to “Research and Development” and “Sales and Marketing,” as 2 new categories: “Digital Health” and “Production” categories, which are attracting attention from industry professionals, will be newly established, and the exhibition and seminars will be held under three themes of interest.

Various Program

A wide variety of programs will be offered, including an exhibition of cutting-edge technology, seminars presenting products and technologies, and a venture/start-up program.

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  • Exhibition

  • Technology Seminar

  • Venture & Startup

Japan Life Science Week

  • CPHI Japan
  • Medtec Japan Medical device manufacturing and design show
  • ElectroMed Japan Electronic Medical Equipment Show
  • Smart Health Japan Care / Welfare Device Show
  • Test Kit Japan Testing Device / System Show
  • MedTech City Medical CITY / Disaster Medical / Innovation for Creative Technology

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