Better Stands - The sustainable choice

Each year and at each edition of Pharma IT & Digital Health EXPO, thousands of exhibition stands are created across the globe. Our trusted contractors construct impressive stands that help you to create a unique space to meet your clients face-to-face, promote your brand with innovative and eye-catching signage, and bring a taste of your company to the show floor.

Previously, these stands have often been ‘one use’ only. We firmly believe, with a little better planning, we can collaborate with exhibitors like you to reduce, and eventually eliminate, the waste connected to one-off stands, while still delivering world-class designs that have a second life or purpose after the show.

It’s all part of our Better Stands initiative. We’re working hand in hand with you, and our community, to achieve better quality, better safety, better time efficiency, better sustainability, and a better exhibitions experience for everyone.

Raw Space (1 booth / 6sqm)   *Minumum size: 12sqm

JPY 438,000
Note: Exhibitors taking space only must book a minimum of 12sqm (2 booths)and have to arrange booth decoration by themselves.


Package Booth (1 booth / 6sqm) 

JPY 540,000 

<Package booth includes>

Space fee 6sqm (3m × 2m)
Wall panels
Company name board (JPN・ENG)
3 Display counters
3 Spotlights
1 Electrical outlet & 1.0kw consumption
Daily stand cleaning


Venture & Startup  Booth (1 booth / 0.5sqm)

JPY 256,000

<Package booth includes>
Space fee 0.5sqm (1m × 0.5m)
Wall panels
Company name board (JPN・ENG)
1 Display counter
1 Spotlights
1 Electrical outlet
0.5kw consumption

1 Mini Seminar Slot

*There are conditions for exhibiting at venture & Startup booth, so please check with the secretariat for details.



Booth and Seminar booking starts​
Open the visitor registration​
Deadline of the booking period​
Exhibitor Preparation Begin​


Open the seminar registration
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